Read Their Incredible Story.

EYES TO THE SKY is an Easy-Read Novel that chronicles the adventures of two young lieutenants in the American Balloon Service of World War I.  Their story begins as they graduate from college and continues as they become commissioned officers in the American Expeditionary Forces.  Follow them into combat at the front lines in Europe and beyond to their ultimate destinies.  Ascend into the sky with them and take part in the aerial drama from the dizzying heights in their observation balloons.  Discover the circumstances, motivations, and actions that turned them into real heroes and be inspired by their incredibly memorable experiences.  Don't miss reading their unique story, because just like them, you'll never be the same.



Note from the Author:     

   I had heard about my grandfather's and his comrades' amazing WWI story ever since I was a boy. "Gramps" always said it wouldn't make much of a movie, or novel for that matter, but in time I began to differ with his overly modest opinion.

    Since then, I have invested many hours dreaming about, researching, and writing the tale. Now, as an Easy-Read novel in paperback, e-book, and audio book editions, their story has been brought to life so that others may enjoy it too. Every time I think about it, I am moved to laughter, tears, thrills, and wonder; but mostly I am encouraged afresh that Almighty God is alive and well and is very much personally interested, and providentially invested, in the lives of people like you and me.

    And... if ever I get an ounce of the courage those "balloonatics" had, I may go for a balloon ride and parachute out of the basket to try to relate to what they did in the Great War in France - minus the dangers of enemy gunfire and exploding balloons, of course!  They were brave, but not well-known heroes, and I hope you enjoy reading their story in Eyes to the Sky.

About the Author:

     Charles B. Lutz has been an educator for over twenty-five years at camps, churches, and schools.  After a brief career in environmental engineering, he became an ordained youth and music minister.  He currently lives and teaches in the mountains of Montana, where he enjoys writing, music, and the great outdoors.